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The economic fight between the U.S. and China that has roiled financial markets over the last two years could next blossom into a full-blown war for investing capital and ultimately, for the prestige of the globe’s reserve currency, hedge fund magnate Ray Dalio said.

Jeff Bezos out $107 billion. Warren Buffett short $77 billion.

That’s how much the net worth of each man would have been cut since the 1980s if Sen. Bernie Sanders’ tax policy had been adopted at the time, according to two University of California economists who study the growing concentration of wealth in the U.S.

Wall Street’s most prominent investors are warning the sky would fall if Sen. Elizabeth Warren wins the presidency in 2020, promising a market sell-off and economic contraction if the Massachusetts Democrat comes out on top.

The October 2019 employment report showed U.S. companies collectively added way more jobs than expected during the month, as robust gains in leisure and hospitality and persistent strength in health care offset expected softness in manufacturing.

U.S. gross domestic product — the broadest measure of the U.S. economy — grew faster than expected in the third quarter, but slowed slightly as business investment continued to decline.

The stock market’s surge to new highs on Monday shows the historic bull market that began in 2009 is resuming its climb and should be viewed as a green light for investors over the next few months, according to Wall Street’s chart analysts.

The U.S. Treasury on Friday said that the federal deficit for fiscal 2019 was $984 billion, a 26% increase from 2018 but still short of the $1 trillion mark previously forecast by the administration.

U.S. retail sales fell for the first time in seven months in September, raising fears that a slowdown in the American manufacturing sector could be starting to bleed into the consumer side of the economy.

The September 2019 jobs report showed decent hiring during the month with the health care and education industries seeing the biggest growth.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s recent surge has some on Wall Street predicting she will unseat former Vice President Joe Biden as the Democratic front-runner and they are getting clients ready for the chance she wins the presidency with investment recommendations.

White House trade advisor Peter Navarro on Monday characterized recent reports that the U.S. is considering restrictions on Chinese companies as grossly inaccurate.

Investors shouldn’t worry about what a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump could mean for his current term or even his re-election chances, Wall Street investment banks advised clients this week.

Amazon will soon integrate another step of the e-commerce pipeline after the construction of an in-house fleet of carbon-neutral delivery trucks on par with established players like UPS and the U.S. Postal Service.

An extended Saudi oil outage could push Brent crude prices north of $75 per barrel as the historic attack on the country’s processing plant disrupts one of the globe’s largest energy supply chains, Goldman Sachs warned clients.

President Donald Trump’s trade advisor Peter Navarro believes it’s certain that Congress passes landmark trade legislation known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement before the end of the year.