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The K9 Crew program was launched at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in 2016 to provide travelers with stress relief.

Stocks closed mixed as on Friday ahead of the Memorial Day holiday weekend and digested key economic data.

While many retailers are having a hard time growing foot traffic at brick-and-mortar locations, Ulta is bucking the trends.

GameStop CEO Paul Raines says the company is looking to collectibles and telecommunications for future growth.

Stocks closed higher as tech stocks climbed while Wall Street remained positive about the Federal Reserve’s plan to trim its balance sheet.

President Xi Jinping’s message at the Belt and Road Forum was that his infrastructure building program would bring people together.

If you think going through security lines at airports is already a hassle, be prepared: it could get worse.

Best Buy said it now expects second-quarter comparable sales to grow between 1.5 percent to 2.5 percent.

OPEC extended its crude oil output cuts by nine months, but some investors expected the cartel to do more.

General Motors is being sued for allegedly rigging diesel engine versions of its Silverado and Sierra HD vehicles to pass emissions tests.

A new technology startup called Genome Medical has a plan to address the shortage of genetic counselors.

Stocks traded mostly higher on Tuesday as hope around the Trump trade was renewed among investors.

Trump promised not to touch Social Security and Medicare, but most everything just got proven fair game.

But tighter security comes with a level of disruption that consumers and businesses have been loath to accept, James Rubin says.

Sears agreed to extend a portion of its $500 million secured loan facility and to annuitize $515 million of its pension obligations.