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The White House is preparing two orders that would put its trade agenda into motion, according to an administration official.

The markets tend to follow a certain pattern before and after Tax Day.

Put away the Champagne. If you received a large check from Uncle Sam, it may mean you’ve been paying him way too much.

The GOP health-care bill’s defeat removes uncertainty for insurers as they prep 2018 rates, but unresolved legal issues remain.

Almost 200,000 people have fatally overdosed on opioids in the past 15 years, with more than 30,000 people dying in 2015 alone.

The index, which measures all nine U.S. census divisions, found that home prices rose 5.9 percent year over year in January.

The U.S. is headed for a recession in the next two years as excessive fiscal stimulus takes the economy into unsustainable territory.

Housing is in high demand in most of the nation, but the housing recovery is becoming increasingly uneven, depending on location.

Time is running out for first-timers to take their required minimum distributions.

Only half of cardholders request their card issuers to drop annual fees, waive late charges and reduce their interest rates.

U.S. stocks began the week on the wrong foot, opening sharply lower on Monday as enthusiasm about President Donald Trump’s agenda dwindled.

U.S. politics and fewer travelers means more competition in the leisure industry for your travel dollar.

Some retirees find living aboard a cruise ship full time makes financial sense when compared to other options.

Republicans struggled to rally enough support for the bill to repeal and replace parts of the Affordable Care Act, prompting President Donald Trump to seek a vote on Friday.

OPEC faces a serious price crash if it doesn’t put the best face possible on its production deal and extend it when it meets in May.