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While Trump will inherit a generally strong economy, the recovery in state finances is losing steam.


The company said that its critics have “ulterior motives” in objecting the deal.


Ex-Comverse chief Kobi Alexander has agreed to return to the U.S. to face decade-old charges in a wide-ranging stock option scandal.


The economic power of the LGBT rights movement is about to be put to the test in the standoff over a so-called “bathroom bill” in North Carolina.


To watch the documentary click here Because of the Second Amendment guarantee of the right to bear arms, removing a defective firearm from the market is deliberately difficult. The Remington class-action settlement — in which the company maintains the guns are safe — comes 44 years after the first lawsuit over the popular Model 700 …

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Step back and look at the picture of competitiveness we have painted in our nine years ranking America’s Top States for Business in our 10 categories of competitiveness, and you will notice a decidedly red hue. States with Republican governors have dominated our rankings over the years, with Republican governors landing in the top five …

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A job seeker holds an application while waiting in line to enter the Choice Career Fair in San Antonio, Texas.

More than 9 million Americans are unemployed, according to the Labor Department, and many more are underemployed. Yet in a recent study by CareerBuilder, more than half of the employers surveyed said they had open positions for which they could not find a qualified applicant. It’s not that those workers don’t exist somewhere, the experts say. …

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Roughly 40 percent of Hawaii's bridges are rated deficient or worse by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Granted, it may be tough to conjure up much sympathy for America’s most spectacular state. But strip away the fabulous beaches, palm trees, hula dancers and surfers, and Hawaii is just one state trying to compete with 49 others, while facing a host of built-in disadvantages. It is in the middle of the ocean, more …

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New York is a big state with a long history of doing things big. That is especially true when it comes to subsidizing business. According to the watchdog group Good Jobs First, the Empire State has awarded nearly 72,000 subsidies to corporations, mostly since 2007, worth $22.6 billion. That is more than any other state …

Rich Barber has been on a “crusade” to learn more about the Remington 700 rifle after his 9-year-old son Gus was killed during a 2000 family hunting trip.

The Montana man who raised some of the most serious allegations about Remington Arms and its iconic Model 700 rifle cannot sue the company over its efforts to discredit him, a federal appeals court has ruled. Richard Barber, whose 9-year-old son was killed when a Model 700 fired accidentally, was a central figure in the …

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Tesla Motors' Gigafactory construction site east of Reno, Nevada. The electric-car maker, looking for workers to build its $5B battery plant and to staff its facility, was attracted to Nevada due to its high unemployment rate.

When electric-car maker Tesla touched off a multistate bidding war for its Gigafactory battery plant last year, most of the attention focused on the tax breaks and other incentives states were offering. Nevada won the competition, but it turns out it wasn’t the state’s $1.25 billion in subsidies that sealed the deal. It was the …


The nationwide measles outbreak that started at Disneyland in Southern California is now hitting home in the tech community in Northern California, with word this week that a LinkedIn employee in the San Francisco office may have exposed hundreds of Bay Area commuters to the disease. Meantime, at least one operator of day care centers …

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BP workers inspect a section of oil transit pipeline at the Prudhoe Bay oil fields in Alaska, Aug. 11, 2006.

Oil is the lifeblood of Alaska’s economy. Nearly 90 percent of the state’s revenue comes from the oil industry. So when the price of oil plunges to less than half what state budget planners were forecasting just a few months ago, the impact is huge. Indeed, every state is feeling some effects from the collapse …

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A vacant home in Youngstown, Ohio. This steel mill town was once one of the busiest along the famous American Rust Belt.

Even proud locals in this city of rolling hills on the Mahoning River have to admit that Youngstown has seen better days. But it has also seen worse. In fact, for the first time in years, this symbol of the Rust Belt is seeing some shiny glimmers of hope. The better days in Youngstown were …

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The Cleveland Clinic, one of the top rated hospitals in America, stands in Cleveland, Ohio

I WENT BACK TO OHIO BUT MY CITY WAS GONE THERE WAS NO TRAIN STATION THERE WAS NO DOWNTOWN —The Pretenders, “My City was Gone” In her classic 1982 song about her hometown, singer-songwriter Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders mourns the changes in Akron, Ohio—once a gritty but picturesque manufacturing town, sliced up in the …