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It’s believed to be a record for security costs for any CEO of a large corporation.

There are now 17.9 million households in the world, up 8 percent from 16.6 million last year, according to Boston Consulting Group.

If you want to avoid a tax audit this year, here’s the best piece of advice: don’t make millions.

Almost every room of Ed Brown’s 40,000-square-foot oceanfront home has a bottle of Patron tequila — including many of the 16 bathrooms.

A 38,000-square-foot mansion in Bel Air, California, is poised to become the most expensive home for sale in the U.S. at $250 million.

Millionaire investors were evenly split this election, but nearly two-thirds now say Donald Trump will be good for their investments.

Articles over the weekend offered new details on how Trump and his family met with their overseas business partners after the election.

Placing the Trump Organization into a blind trust is functionally, and perhaps legally, impractical, legal experts say.

Wealthy car collectors will converge on Pebble Beach, California, this week for the scenic community’s annual auction of collectible cars.

Airfares are dropping and this fall could be a great time to save money on a flight.

Nearly half of millionaire investors are considering selling some of their stock holdings, according to a new survey.

The hedge fund trader who was fired after hosting a controversial party in the Hamptons says the event raised $100,000 for charity.

The UK’s vote to exit the European Union is expected to pressure results at this week’s London auctions.

Sotheby’s disclosed on Monday that an outside investor has expressed interest in buying at least 10 percent of the company.

As part of its efforts to downplay inequality, China’s media regulator has just banned the children of celebrities from appearing on reality television.