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China’s foreign ministry struck a warmer tone that positive outcomes regarding trade talks with the U.S. is possible. Eunice Yoon has more for us in Beijing.

A quarter of the gains in the markets this year are concentrated with four stocks. Is that a cause for concern among investors? Bob Pisani reports from the New York Stock Exchange.

Facebook and Google are out in full force at the annual advertising festival in Cannes, France but so is the talk of “Techlash”. What’s the potential regulatory scrutiny could mean to the other companies in this industry? Julia Boorstin is at that festival and reports.

One of the most controversial companies in the world, China’s telecommunications giant, Huawei, is in the spotlight because of their close ties with the Chinese government leads to fears that it could use its devices to spy on other countries and companies. Their CEO sat down and spoke with our Deirdre Bosa in Shenzhen, China.

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, The Federal Reserve holds rates steady but opens the door to future ones.

Plus, why new car quality has stalled out.

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, The Federal Reserve holds rates steady but opens the door to future ones.

Plus, why new car quality has stalled out.

The recent trade talks with China is a welcoming sign to states like California as the Golden State does about $175 billion a year in trade with the second biggest economy in the world. Scott Cohn is at the Port of Oakland with more.

Advertisers are facing a big challenge right now and that’s making sure their ads do not appear on offensive content on the internet. Julia Boorstin has more for us from the annual Cannes Lions Global Advertisement Festival.

We show you how one China’s largest retailor company uses its strategy to increase consumer spending. Eunice Yoon reports from Beijing.

Facebook announces its own digital currency making a big push for it to go mainstream but how does exactly Libra work? We speak with CNET Senior Reporter, Ben Fox Rubin, who gives us a quick tutorial.

High stakes is still anticipated with the upcoming trade talks with China next week as the Trump administration is threatening to impose tariffs on another $300 billion on Chinese goods if this deal falls through. Ylan Mui has more for us in Washington.

President Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping say they will meet at the G-20 summit next week in Japan which sent stocks into rally mode. Bob Pisani has more for us at the New York Stock Exchange.

The biggest issues facing the market right now are trade talks and the upcoming Federal Reserve decision. We speak with Art Hogan, chief market strategist at National Securities, about his analysis on what might happen.

The Fed is a big focus on the markets right now and as they decide about interest rates our Steve Liesman surveyed about strategists’ rates and possible recession.

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, President Trump and President Xi say they’ll meet at the G20 summit next week and Wall Street goes into rally mode.

Plus, Facebook unveils its own cryptocurrency. But how will it work?