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Some are wondering if the run up in small cap stocks is coming to an end, but Allianz Global Investors’ Kristina Hooper thinks they are a great investment.

President Barack Obama hasn’t decided yet who should succeed Ben Bernanke, but for Anthony Chan, the clear choice is Fed Vice Chair Janet Yellen.

Looking for some alternative investments to build your nest egg? Financial adviser James Shagawat shares his advice.

Watching Detroit municipal workers fight to keep their pensions intact after the city filed for bankruptcy last week is making many people around the country wonder about the safety of their own pensions.

While many investors are bullish on housing these days, Yale economics professor Robert Shiller, co-founder of the Case-Shiller home price index, is not one of them—at least not for the long term.

There’s a lot of event risk that could have an ugly effect on the market this fall, Bessmer Trust’s Rebecca Patterson told NBR.

Investors are soon going to depend on earnings—and this earnings season could be a “sloppy” one, Bob Doll said.

Removing gridlock in fiscal policy is far more important than what the Fed can do for the nation’s economic recovery, Glenn Hubbard told NBR.

Car thieves have a new favorite target, according to a new study.

Alcoa CEO Klaus Kleinfeld sees growth in certain sectors, but concedes there are still challenges ahead.

The market had a strong first half of the year, but don’t expect the rest of 2013 to be as “spectacular,” Hugh Johnson told NBR.

With the Federal Reserve and interest rates dominating headlines in recent weeks, investors will shift their focus back to individual companies when earnings season kicks off July 8.

JPMorgan’s Richard Madigan and economist Ed Yardeni talk about the market, the economy and investing.

Mark Zandi of Moody’s Analytics tells NBR why he thinks the economy will be ready for the Fed to begin easing its stimulus program later this year.

Jim Paulsen, chief investment strategist at Wells Capital Management, shares his advice with NBR.