Kelley Holland, Special to CNBC’s Posts

While a more confident consumer base is helping Main Street’s bottom line, the labor market is tightening, making finding workers a challenge for companies. Many are increasing pay for the workers they already have to keep them on board.

Trump told reporters that his next nominee will likely come from a list of 25 candidates drafted in part by his campaign and updated after the election.

Before you completely relax into your so-called golden years, you should be aware of the potential financial pitfalls that await as retirement begins.

More than 80 percent of community college students say when they start there they expect to continue on and eventually earn a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university.

The conflict of interest rule for advisors issued by the Labor Department earlier this month promises greater protections for investors.

People in so-called blue-collar occupations are significantly more likely to retire early than those with office jobs that require less physical strength.

If Monday’s market swings have you considering big changes to your long-term retirement savings, experts have two words for you: Hold on.

The past year was not easy on investors. Between the crisis in Greece, the market turmoil of August and September, and the first interest rate hike in nearly a decade, 2015 was a year to rattle nerves.

Barbara Tantillo thought she was financially secure, even after a difficult divorce. She learned the truth the hard way.

Between the holiday music, decorations and crowds of last minute shoppers, December feels like anything but tax season. Technically, it’s not — but it is a great time to make some last minute moves to pare your 2015 tax bill.

Saving for retirement is never easy, and downright tough when your kids have needs. But don’t make this mistake.

For some people, higher interest rates stand to be a very good thing indeed. It just may not be the people who usually benefit when rates rise, at least in the short run.

When Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg announced they would be giving away the bulk of their fortune and searching for impactful ways to make a difference, they didn’t just startle the super rich. They also pointed to a new focus on making charity effective, just in time for peak giving season. Nearly one-third of all …

Few milestones in life are as laden with dreams and fantasies as the day when a person retires. Will it be a slow downshift into a life of travel and time with grandchildren? A chance for gradually increasing immersion in a lifelong hobby? Perhaps it will be all of the above. Or perhaps future retirees’ …

The holiday season is almost here, which means retailers are ready — not just with sparkly merchandise and doorbuster deals, but also with a certain kind of credit card offer. These offers, promising no interest payments for months or even years, can be enticing, especially for shoppers making big ticket purchases for the holidays, and …