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Farmers say they helped put Donald Trump over the top. Here’s what they now say they want in return.


A new marijuana referendum before California voters next month may lead the way for the rest of the country.


Bec Koop owns Buds & Blossoms, specializing in pot-infused weddings. Her motto? “Straight from your bouquet to your bowl.”


There’s another weed taking root in the Golden State, one being called a “super food”: quinoa.


Sky Zone is a chain of 140 trampoline parks with locations in five countries. Here’s how it came back from the brink.


If you believe medical marijuana can help humans deal with pain, chemotherapy or anxiety, why not try it on pets?


Jeff Bezos spoke Tuesday about his plans and dreams for space, and what it is holding back the industry from the final frontier.


Lockheed Martin has landed its first contract for the hybrid airship it created at its top secret Skunk Works with U.K.-based Straightline Aviation.


More Americans are starting to work for themselves. The Kauffman Index tracks entrepreneurialism and found that small-business creation rose in 2015.

luxury trailer

Actor Lyle Waggoner of “Carol Burnett Show” fame has built an empire of building trailers for Hollywood TV and movie sets.

jane wells with limb

Escape adventures are America’s strangest new success. They are popping up at an exponential rate, with corpses and limbs.


Pot is illegal on the federal level, but the IRS code states, “Marijuana businesses are required to file federal income tax returns.”


The rocket under development will have 8.5 million pounds of thrust. “That’s 31 747s at full power,” says one engineer.

poopurri founder

Getting rid of “poop odor” has become Suzy Batiz’s obsession. It led her to create Poo-Pourri. Here’s how it became big business.


It’s the one night candymakers and dentists come together, preparing to cash in. One will make a killing now, the other … later. Happy Halloween. The National Confectioners Association (I wanna run for president of that!) predicts this year Americans will spend $2.6 billion on Halloween. That’s $8 for every man, woman and child. Why …