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A war of words has escalated between the supporters and detractors of troubled German lender Deutsche Bank.


A bailout of Deutsche Bank won’t happen for political reasons, according to risk consultancy Eurasia Group.


Analysts warn that the Brexit vote and U.S. presidential election have many of the same parallels and pitfalls.


Central banks like the U.S. Federal Reserve will be crucial in determining the state of health of the energy sector, according to OPEC.


Seventeen percent of bank loans in Italy are bad, according to aMonday report in the Wall Street Journal. That figure, which comes out to a combined 360 billion euros ($401 billion) in bad debt, is more than three times the bank loans that were bad in the U.S. on a percentage basis at the height of the financial crisis.

2016 oil highs

Global oil prices and stock markets tumbled on Monday after major oil producers failed to agree on a deal to freeze output, but analysts are insisting that no deal is actually the best possible outcome for markets.


The international fallout from North Korea’s announcement of a “successful” hydrogen bomb test has already begun with world leaders slamming the development as a “grave threat” and “deeply worrying.”


Rapidly deteriorating relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran – and, increasingly, other Middle Eastern nations – will damage peace talks in Syria and will only serve to benefit Islamic State (ISIS)

High cost of cancer drugs

Cancer is mostly a result of external, environmental risk factors rather than down to “bad luck,” according to a new study published in Nature magazine, which challenges prominent research into the causes of cancer.


European leaders in Brussels reached a third bailout deal for Greece on Monday morning, after a final round of more than 17 hours of talks on the thorny subject of reforms and more financial aid for the near-bankrupt country. The president of the European Union, Donald Tusk, tweeted to confirm the news. Bond yields in …

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A United Airlines plane sits on the tarmac.

An argument on a transatlantic United Airlines flight over a bag of nuts could run up a bill of £350,000 ($553,000) for the airline, according to a report on U.K. news site The Telegraph. A United Airlines Rome-Chicago flight on Saturday had to be diverted to Belfast, Northern Ireland, because an unruly passenger repeatedly demanded …

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Justice and Development Party (AKP) supporters wave party and Turkish flags at Istanbul`s AKP headquarters on June 7.

Turkish stocks and currency took a hit on Monday after the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) failed to get a majority in parliamentary elections, and analysts warned of a turbulent ride ahead. The Turkish lira hit a record low of 2.8094 to the dollar on Monday, and Istanbul’s stock exchange opened over 8 percent …

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Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

With relations between Greece and its European neighbors at an all-time low, and the country’s politicians appearing increasingly defiant in the face of criticism, analysts are questioning whether Greece actually wants to get kicked out of the single currency. Encounters between Greece and the euro zone have become increasingly acrimonious over the last few weeks, as …

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Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a concert and rally marking the first anniversary of the the annexation of Crimea.

A massive show of force by the Russian military on the anniversary of its disputed annexation of Crimea has raised questions about Moscow’s defiance over eastern Ukraine, and led to concerns that President Putin could be seeking more “foreign distractions.” With rising domestic problems in Russia and the prospect of more sanctions looming, the likelihood …

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As frustration mounts with the Greek government’s combative stance in negotiations over its place in the euro zone, new data shows the majority of Germans are happy to let Greece quit the single currency. According to a poll by Germany’s YouGov published Tuesday, public opinion in the euro zone’s largest economy has turned against its …