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With home prices in the U.S. rising and mortgage rates near historic lows, is it smarter to buy or rent a home?

A recap of the day’s biggest business news stories.

As companies look for ways to cut health care costs, some say employers are getting too personal with their employees

2013’s corn plantings are expected to be the highest in decades, NBR explains what it means to you.

JPMorgan’s Global Market Strategist explains why you should be concerned about what’s going on in Cyprus.

Stocks fall as investors pay attention to bad news

Tonight: the Federal Reserve sees slower growth but lower unemployment, we’ll get reaction, plus, is there finally a thaw in the mortgage market?

A recap of the day’s biggest business news stories.

The CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings talks about how her company is gearing up for the annual basketball tournament.

A thaw in the mortgage market helps U.S. housing recovery.

Airlines expect profits to climb on growing confidence in the global economy and a boost in cargo shipments.

America’s biggest bank has had one bad year including a huge trading loss and a scolding from Washington.

Cyprus banks remain closed as leaders there try to avert a banking system collapse.

The Chief Economist at Goldman Sachs offers his analysis on the economy.

Tonight: The CEO of Coca-Cola on the consumer and Europe concerns plus, why, Miami, one of the hardest hit areas in the housing downturn is suddenly booming again.