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About a decade ago, Wan Gang, a former Audi engineer in Germany, convinced the Chinese government to roll out a national strategy to develop new energy vehicles and spend billions of dollars.

After the U.S. and China announced the “phase-one” trade agreement, a critical point remains in question: agricultural purchases.

China’s official spokespeople are keeping quiet on trade talks with the U.S. amid growing uncertainty on when even a phase-one agreement can be reached.

The leaders of the U.S.-China trade negotiations held another phone call on Tuesday morning, China’s Ministry of Commerce said in an online statement.

China is still calling for the U.S. to roll back tariffs as part of any “phase one” agreement, as trade negotiations between the world’s two largest economies drag on.

The U.S. is temporarily exempting more than 400 types of Chinese products from tariffs that President Donald Trump’s administration imposed last year, CNBC has confirmed.

Heightened trade tensions with the U.S. are beginning to hit China’s growth.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) lowered its 2019 growth forecast for the world’s second-largest economy to 6.2% from 6.3% on Wednesday, after the conclusion of the organization’s visit to China over roughly the last two weeks.

Beijing has stepped up its warnings against the U.S. by cautioning about working, studying and traveling in America.

The latest U.S. actions on trade are preventing negotiations with Beijing from proceeding, China’s Commerce Ministry said Thursday.

China’s rush to pass a new foreign investment law on Friday is likely not enough to appease the demands of the U.S. in ongoing trade negotiations, analysts said.