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With President Trump rewriting a travel-ban order, many foreign investors are left wondering what happens next.

Rising mortgage rates, bigger jumps in home prices and still-moderate income growth are adding up to a triple threat for the housing market.

A new study is out showing which cities have the best bargains for rents, and which are budget killers.

New Trump administration policy, and reaction to that policy, have made borrowing costs more expensive for homebuyers.

For a fee, tech start-up Forte is streaming live fitness classes from fancy gyms in Manhattan to the masses.

By reversing a cut to insurance on government-backed mortgages, the Trump administration may have discouraged homebuyers, say officials.

The new year brings new challenges for the homebuilding industry, specifically higher mortgage rates.

Small investors are getting a boost from firms using extensive data to help them become owners of rental homes in cities across the country.

The monthly payment on some new homes is considerably higher, there is, however, a way to lower it by buying down the rate.

After watching interest rates rise for nearly two months, homebuyers and homeowners took baby steps back into the mortgage market.

The bleeding in the mortgage business appears to have slowed, following a sharp rise in mortgage rates postelection.

Since Trump’s victory, rising mortgage rates have made homes the least affordable since the Great Recession.

Home prices were 5.5 percent higher than September of 2015, up from the 5.1 percent annual gain in August.