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Special counsel Robert Mueller broke his silence Wednesday his silence on Wednesday to make a statement about his completed two-year investigation, the aftermath of which has continue to roil President Donald Trump’s administration and Congress.

New York authorities reportedly are preparing to criminally charge convicted tax cheat and bank fraudster Paul Manafort whether President Donald Trump pardons his ex-campaign chief or not.

A group of founders, current executives and early employees of Tinder sued the dating app’s owner IAC and its subsidiary Match Group for at least $2 billion, claiming the defendants “robbed Tinder employees” by cooking financial information, “undermining Tinder’s valuation and unlawfully stripping away their Tinder stock options.” Plaintiffs in the case filed in New …

Two-thirds of Americans want an independent body to oversee prescription drug pricing.

Mylan also faces heat from multiple regulatory and legal agencies over huge cost increases for the anti-allergy auto-injectors.

Mylan CEO Heather Bresch is set to testify Wednesday before a House committee over sky-high price hikes for lifesaving EpiPens.

Despite rising Obamacare prices, the total premiums paid in many cases are less than work-based coverage.

Almost 1 in 5 rural counties in the U.S. saw increases in the number of premature deaths over the past decade — even as most large urban counties saw regular improvements in their premature death rates.

Just when you thought Obamacare was past legal challenges.

But more Americans support so-called liberal policies for changing the nation’s health-care system than favor conservative options.

Very few uninsured Americans — the most sought-after customers by Obamacare advocates — know the date of the deadline for signing up for health coverage for 2016, according to a survey released Thursday.

When he learned he was under criminal investigation by the FBI, Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli could have kept a low profile and gone to the Caribbean. Instead, he went on CNBC — and kept himself in the media spotlight for months. Shkreli, who was arrested Thursday morning on securities fraud charges, has effectively waved …

Primary care doctors are the first line of defense in the American health-care system. But a new report suggests that many of them feel they aren’t equipped to handle their most challenging patients. Up to one in four U.S. primary care doctors believe their practices aren’t well prepared to manage care for patients with multiple …

There may be a big advantage to treating people with personalized medicine — drugs and treatments tailored to an individual’s genetic profile — but improved health outcomes for them will come at a big cost. That’s because it is very costly to screen patients for such tailored treatments and to produce medicine that targets individuals …