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Fear about the government shutdown, the tariff war and the slowdown in China are all still around, but now investors are also afraid of missing out on the rally.

Investors were excited about Apple hitting a $1 trillion market value, but it’s unlikely to result in the one thing the trading community really wants: higher volumes.

With markets at historic highs and investor interest growing, some are wondering if there are enough shares to go around.

The Inside ETF conference has begun, and by all accounts it is the biggest yet. Here’s what attendees will be talking about.

Fourth quarter earnings have generally been above expectations. But 2016 wasn’t exactly a banner year for earnings.

The Dow Jones industrial average is on the verge of passing 20,000. Here’s the primary reason why.

Stock ownership is increasingly concentrated in the hands of the wealthy.

Well, this wasn’t supposed to happen. Oil was supposed to be down big if there was no Doha agreement, right?

While the sudden moves in the Chinese currency—and the concurrent concern about a slower economy—are the main cause of China’s stock market volatility, the country’s stock market structure may itself be exacerbating the selloff.

China tested its new system-wide circuit breaker last night. The good news is it works. The bad news is the circuit breakers themselves may be part of the problem.

Thank you, Janet Yellen, for finally taking a side and clearly stating that an interest rate hike seems likely sometime this year. And thank you for finally clarifying the sudden emphasis that was placed on developments abroad in the last FOMC statement. Specifically, thank you for this clarification: “The Committee is monitoring developments abroad, but …

With the jobs report out of the way, it’s time to look ahead. Two developments next week may impact markets: 1) China economic data, and 2) the start of the analyst conference season. Next week there will be a raft of China data that will get a high degree of scrutiny, including Trade (9/8), CPI/PPI …

Were the Federal Reserve minutes really that that dovish? Was it worth a 14-point rally in the S&P 500 in the middle of the day, even if the embargo was accidentally broken?

The news in the commodities business is not showing any signs of improving.

There’s something strange going on in Tech Land. On Friday, the Nasdaq Composite hit a historic high and the Nasdaq 100 made multi-year highs, but breadth was negative with three stocks declining for every two advancing. Huh? Historic highs for the Nasdaq, but more stocks declining than advancing? That is a weird divergence, and there’s …