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The Republicans need to enact a replacement plan by the end of this year to ensure a clear transition, S&P’s Deep Banerjee says.


Overturning Obamacare, without plunging the health system into chaos may be easier said than done.


Aetna says it will offer individual Affordable Care Act exchange plans in just four states, down from 15 this year, to reduce its losses.


Big employers will see health costs grow in line with trends, but there’s a shift in what’s driving spending, PwC’s Health Research Institute says.


For doctors and nurses in a growing number of hospitals, worrying about security when they input data into computers requires a balancing act.

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They’ve been working around the clock at Athenahealth since the Oct.1 launch of the nation’s new medical coding billing system known as ICD-10. In a makeshift nerve center at the medical billing company’s offices outside Boston, a team of expert coders hunch over computers monitoring the flow of physician claims submitted over the Athena platform, …

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Patients and staff of the Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans are evacuated by boat after floodwater surrounded the facility on Aug. 31, 2005.

Most hospitals don’t have their own navy. Ochsner Baptist in New Orleans does, complete with a fleet of rescue boats and staffers who undergo water rescue training—all because of Hurricane Katrina. Ten years ago, Dr. Glenn Casey and others at the hospital scrambled to find boats, in order to evacuate patients and staff. He said …

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First the good news. After years of shifting health costs to workers, most large firms are taking a breather on benefit redesign, and your health benefits next year will probably look a lot like this year’s. But analysts say brace yourself for some big changes in 2018 if the so-called Obamacare Cadillac tax isn’t changed. …

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The Department of Defense is expected to grant a 10-year health care IT contract, estimated to be worth as much as $10 billion, to overhaul the department’s electronic health system records. “Relative to the electronic health records vendors, we’re talking probably $2 billion over the life of the contract,” said Michael Cherny, health IT analyst …


Cigna believes a merger with Anthem would create a health insurance powerhouse, but the Connecticut-based insurer is still rejecting a $53.8 billion takeover bid from its larger rival, saying the offer is not in the best interest of shareholders. “We are deeply disappointed with your recent actions,” the company wrote in a letter signed by …

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John Hogue has struggled with his weight for years. He knew diet and exercise could help bring his diabetes and blood pressure under control, but admits he was never one to count calories. “I would go to the doctor and say ‘yes, sir’ and listen to all the good advice, and then I would go …

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Large companies have cut their rate of health-care spending growth nearly in half over the last decade by pushing both their employees and health-care providers to be more cost-conscious, according to a new report out Tuesday. In 2016, employer health costs are expected to rise 6.5 percent—the slowest rate in 10 years, predicted PwC’s Health …

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If you’re pleased that McDonald’s and other restaurants are switching to healthier foods, like chickens raised without antibiotics, you might want to thank a millennial. And if you’re unhappy with a recent doctor’s bill, you might want to act like one. It turns out millennials are twice as likely to challenge the cost of their …

Andrew Kleinman, a New York plastic surgeon, said he is worried that billing issues from a medical coding system change will overwhelm his practice.

Dr. Andrew Kleinman would rather spend his time with patients than dealing with billing. The New York plastic surgeon is worried that next fall, when he has to switch to a new medical coding system known as ICD-10, billing issues will overwhelm his practice “At one of the training sessions, the consultant recommended that everybody …

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Anthem Health Insurance headquarters is shown in Indianapolis, Feb. 5, 2015.

When a massive data breach struck retailer Target during the midst of the 2013 holiday season, consumers responded by shopping at other stores and its brand was briefly tarnished. Now, Anthem, the nation’s largest Blue Cross operator, finds itself in a similar position. But switching health insurers is a whole lot more complicated than heading …