How Elizabeth Warren made her fortune

The leading Democrats running for president in 2020 have piled up wealth during their time in the national eye.

Elizabeth Warren is no exception.

Last year, the Massachusetts senator and her husband, Harvard Law School professor Bruce Mann, made about $850,000, according to tax returns. In the past five years, they have not made less than $700,000 and took in as much as $1.5 million in 2014.

How did they make their money? On top of Warren’s Senate wages of about $175,000, she made more than $300,000 from writing last year. Mann earned about $400,000 from his job at Harvard.

Warren, who has written several books over the years, has earned her biggest chunks of change from writing, lecturing and consulting. The 2020 field shows it still pays to be an author — most of the top-tier presidential candidates have racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars or more from writing books.

Warren has run for president pledging to overhaul the economic and political system to favor workers more instead of wealthy Americans and corporations. Still, she has repeatedly said she is a capitalist who does not want to stop other Americans from succeeding financially.

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