Market Monitor: Mark Lehmann

NBR: 10/12
Guest: Mark Lehmann, JMP Securities, President
Topic: Market Monitor

Stock Picks

Stocks to own for the next 3 years:

Upwork (UPWK) — Is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. It plays into the freelance and independent professionals and clients market, matching demand with supply. You have highly skilled freelance workers such as programmers, accountants, graphic designers, who may not live in a big city but in the middle of Iowa, and say Google is looking for a programmer or developer, well this company will match Google with talent. It’s a large growing market and Upwork is a top participant.

LGI Homes (LGIH) — is a Texas-based builder of housing developments, with its development projects mostly focused in the southwestern region of the United States. According to Builder Magazine, LGI Homes is the 15th largest home builder in the United States. This home builder is focused on entry level. The stock is under big pressure like the rest of the home builder stocks, but it’s well run, has a very cheap multiple and we love their markets.

Amazon (AMZN) — We liked Amazon back in April. The stock is still up nicely and over multiple years you’ll want to own it for the reasons we all know. It’s everyone’s top pick but I am going to stick with Amazon because it is one of the winners. Investors who don’t own it might have an opportunity to buy it at a better price but I don’t think you want to avoid it just because of the huge run up. We have been consistent in our recommendation of Amazon.

Disclosures: JMP Securities does business with UPWK, LGIH & AMZN

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