Market Monitor: Ross Gerber

This week’s Market Monitor is betting on the power of smart technology.

Ross Gerber, President & CEO of Gerber Kawasaki, likes the following:

MGM Resorts (MGM) –

We love MGM as online sports betting is coming and they have a great brand to leverage. With the success Vegas is having with sports, we expect sports to drive meaningful business to Vegas over the next several years. MGM is also opening a new casino in the Macau and China continues to grow faster than expected gambling revenues are continue to grow as well.







Control 4 (CTRL) –

a small cap in home automation business. It makes a great smart home product, software and hardware for home entertainment and lighting systems. With Google & Amazon in a battle for home supremacy, CTRL is sitting in a great place. 







Tesla (TSLA) – 

We are buying Tesla (TSLA) stock on the model 3 launch, we think they’ve worked out their problems. We look at it as a huge opportunity. Autonomous electric cars are the future and Tesla is leading us there!

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