GOP Clinton supporter Meg Whitman urges Americans to give Trump ‘the benefit of the doubt’

Billionaire Republican businesswoman Meg Whitman told CNBC on Wednesday she’s now supporting President-elect Donald Trump, despite endorsing Democrat Hillary Clinton during the campaign.

Whitman, chief executive of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, said she sent an email to employees after Election Day in which she reflected on her disappointment with the result, but stressed it’s time to come together and give Trump “the benefit of the doubt.”

In an August LinkedIn post, Whitman, who ran an unsuccessful 2010 GOP gubernatorial bid in California, announced her support of Clinton, writing at the time: “Donald Trump’s demagoguery has undermined the fabric of our national character.”

But now, Whitman told “Squawk on the Street” on Wednesday: “I’m supporting the president,” saying that some of Trump’s policy proposals would be good for HPE and business overall.

Whitman said Trump’s desire to lower the U.S. corporate tax rate would allow HPE and other American companies to bring back money that was made overseas, without getting killed on taxes. “It would make America a more tax-competitive place to be.”

But some of Trump’s campaign rhetoric around trade and immigration gives Whitman pause. Big tariffs on imports “would be problematic,” she said. “We would have to change our supply chain.” As for immigration, any slowing of H-1B visas for specialty tech workers would cause HPE to “rethink” research and development, she added.

Marking a year as separate company, data center and services provider HPE on Tuesday slightly beat estimates with quarterly earnings, but was just under expectations on revenue, and it warned on outlook.

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