John Kasich: I’m open to even lower tax rate

GOP presidential hopeful Gov. John Kasich said Monday he is open to lowering the corporate tax rate below the 25 percent level he has previously put forward.

The Ohio governor has said he aims to balance the budget in eight years through a combination of tax and regulatory reform and changes to the way government administers funding.

“The agenda within the first 100 days, you’re going to need to have a seat belt to stay up with it,” he told CNBC as New Hampshire voters cast ballots in the nation’s first primary. “It’s regulatory reform, because regulations kill business, particularly small business, if they’re just mindless.”

As president, Kasich said he would charge his vice president with untangling small business from the “morass” of regulation. He has proposed freezing all federal regulations for a year, barring health and safety rules.

In addition to lowering tax rates, Kasich said he would also make it easier for U.S. companies to bring profits home and allow them to write off investments in capital goods such as plant equipment.

The top corporate tax rate is currently 39.1 percent, the highest among developed countries.

A NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll conducted after last week’s Iowa caucuses suggests Kasich has the support of 10 percent of New Hampshire’s likely Republican voters, putting him in fourth place behind Donald Trump, Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Ted Cruz.

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