Santa’s salary gets a 4% boost this year

Mediaphotos | Getty Images

Mediaphotos | Getty Images

It looks like Santa has landed himself on the ‘nice’ list this year and earned a 4 percent raise.

St. Nick, who earned a little more than $139,000 last year, will bring in $143,000 this Christmas, according to’s Santa Index.

The insurance information provider uses wage data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in its annual calculation of Santa’s salary.

“The expertise needed to perform all of Santa’s duties is staggering,” Jennifer Shelton, managing editor of, said in a statement. “From aerospace to customer service, agriculture to upper management, he really does it all. So we’re pleased to find that Santa is due another bump in pay this year.”

Father Christmas actually has 6 major jobs, according to the Santa Index:

  • As the manufacturing executive of the workshop, Santa earns $119,159 annually for working 364 days a year, eight hours a day.
  • The part-time labor negotiator for his elf employees garners $5,212 for the year.
  • As a farm worker and rancher of at least nine reindeer, Santa earns $4,417 annually.
  • Saint Nick’s work as a snow plow driver sets him up to make and additional $3,279 for the year.
  • His jaunts to local malls to promote his brand and provide customer service earns him $2,737.
  • Finally, as a professional shopper, Santa would earn $2,195 for selecting the right toys for each boy and girl.

In addition, the Santa Index determined that Saint Nick earns $0.18 for shouting “Merry Christmas and to all a good night!”

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