The world’s wealthiest people by age

Wealth, like age, can be relative — you really notice it in relation to other people.

So the folks at Wealth-X have compiled a list of the richest people of each decade, ranking the wealthiest people in their 20s all the way through their 90s.

Getty Images Mark Zuckerberg

Getty Images
Mark Zuckerberg

Because the list gave equal representation to the affluent of all ages, titans of the tech industry, who skew younger, dominated the rankings. The five youngest people on the list came from that industry.

Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel took top honors for the 20-somethings, while Facebook‘s Mark Zuckerberg won among 30-year-olds.

Former Microsoft magnate Bill Gates, of course, not only won his decade — the 60s — but was the richest overall.

Only one woman made the list: Liliane Bettencourt, the French L’Oreal heiress, who topped the list for those ages 90 and older.

Here is the full list of wealthiest people, determined by age bracket, and their respective net worth as of Nov. 20.

The wealthiest people by decade

Net worth (in billions)
Primary company/organization
Wealth source
20s Evan Spiegel 25 $2 Snapchat Self-made
30s Mark Zuckerberg 31 $47.2 Facebook Self-made
40s Larry Page 42 $41.6 Alphabet – Google Self-made
50s Jeff Bezos 51 $60 Amazon Self-made
60s Bill Gates 60 $87.3 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Self-made
70s Amancio Ortega Gaona 79 $73.2 Inditex Self-made
80s Warren Buffett 85 $62.4 Berkshire Hathaway Self-made
90s Liliane Bettencourt 93 $31.4 L’Oreal Inherited
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