Who is the oldest CEO in the S&P 500?

It’s another list that Warren Buffett can say he tops. At the age of 84, the Berkshire Hathaway chief is the oldest CEO in the S&P 500, according to data provided to CNBC by S&P Capital IQ.

The only other CEO over 80 on the list is Fox’s Rupert Murdoch, who also is 84 but a few months younger. Buffett was born August 1930 and Murdoch was born March 1931.

While the two oldest CEOs are among the most famous, the two youngest are, as well. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg just turned 31 in May, and Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer turned 40 a week ago, on May 30. At the beginning of the year, they were the only S&P 500 CEOs still in their 30s. Now it’s just Zuckerberg.

Interestingly enough, if you look at the 10 broad corporate sectors, the average CEO age is almost identical—in the mid-50s for all of them.


Only when you break it down to specific industries, do you see some more dispersion. The three youngest industries are internet software and services (48), probably not surprisingly, along with internet retail (49).

The only other industry with a sub-50 CEO average is oil and gas drilling. Maybe not what people would expect, as the oil business tends to have a stodgier, conservative reputation. The youth movement here is seen in the example of Transocean, just in April hiring 40-year-old Jeremy Thigpen to be its new CEO.

Two oldest S&P 500 CEOs
84 Warren Buffett (born 1930)
84 Rupert Murdoch (born 1931)
(no others above 80)

Three youngest S&P 500 CEOs
40 Jeremy Thigpen (born 1975)
40 Marissa Mayer (born 1975)
31 Mark Zuckerberg (born 1984)

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