It’s tough for small biz when it comes to credit cards: Report

Hero Images | Getty Images

Hero Images | Getty Images

Every major credit card company uses personal credit data to determine whether a business is eligible for a credit card, a CardHub study finds. (Tweet this)

In addition, all major credit card companies will hold customers personally liable for the way they use their business credit cards. The data is part of the credit card comparison website’s 2015 Small Business Credit Card Report.

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“Credit card debt instability is a huge problem for smaller businesses—particularly younger businesses since they rely more heavily on credit cards,” Molly Day, VP of public affairs for the National Small Business Association, told CardHub. “If entrepreneurial people can’t garner the capital to launch a business we’ll see fewer start-ups, which means slower employment growth and less innovation.”

The study ranked credit card issuers in terms of how small business friendly they are. Bank of America was ranked the most friendly and it along with Citi are the only two major issuers that don’t report business card activity to personal credit reports. Discover, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo were the least small business friendly.

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