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Shares of Symantec rallied into today’s close on a late report. The company is reportedly exploring a sale of its Veritas data storage and recovery business. The cyber security company’s unit could fetch more than $8 billion in a sale. Shares were 5.5 percent higher to close at $25.58.


New details on eBay’s split from its PayPal unit. The two company’s will still be interdependent on one another, even after they split. eBay agreed not to create its own payment system for five years after the split and PayPal won’t create an online market place. Shares were up a fraction to $57.34.


Amazon is one step closer to its dream of delivering items with drones. The company won federal approval to fly drones to research and develop the technology, but there are restrictions. The company can’t fly higher than 400 feet or faster than 100 miles per hour and they have to stay within the operator’s line of sight. They’re also only allowed to fly during the day and on private property, so the company still has a long way to go before they can fly you your next shipment of cat food. Shares were off a fraction to $382.65.


Nokia is reportedly exploring the sale of its maps business. The unit is attracting interest from Uber, the car-booking application and private equity firms. The business is valued at around $2 billion. Shares popped four percent to $8.06.


Shares of Tekmira also higher on an FDA approval. The drug maker now has the okay to continue its clinical trials of its Ebola treatment drug. Last July, regulators put the drug on hold until more information could be provided on safety and effectiveness. The stock popped more than three percent to $18.19.

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