Here’s how long you have to wait for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch went on sale online at 3 a.m. ET Friday, and within less than three hours, almost all of the models were out to late May or later for availability. (Tweet This)

As of 8:30 a.m. ET, only one of 38 models appeared to be even potentially available for delivery April 24, with most of the rest showing 4-6 week wait times and some as far out as July.

White 38mm June White 38mm 4-6 weeks White sport 38mm July
White 42mm June White 42mm 4-6 weeks White sport 42mm July
Blue 38mm June Black 38mm 4-6 weeks Black sport 38mm June
Blue 42mm June Black 42mm 4-6 weeks Black sport 42mm June
Green 38mm June Black buckle 38mm 4/24-5/8 Rose gray 38mm July
Green 42mm June Black buckle 42mm 4-6 weeks Black classic 42mm June
Pink 38mm June Milanese 38mm 4-6 weeks Bright red 38mm June
Pink 42mm June Milanese 42mm 4-6 weeks Midnight blue 42mm June
Black 38mm June Black modern 38mm 4-6 weeks
Black 42mm June Black leather 42mm 4-6 weeks
Blue buckle 38mm June
Blue leather 42mm 4-6 weeks
Pink buckle 38mm June
Stone leather 42mm 4-6 weeks
Brown buckle 38mm 4-6 weeks
Brown leather 42mm 4-6 weeks
Link bracelet 38mm 4-6 weeks
Link bracelet 42mm 4-6 weeks
Black link 38mm June
Black link 42mm July
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