Apple adds new two-step mobile security feature

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Apple will be enabling a new two-step security feature to protect iPhone, iPad and Mac users against hackers, The Guardian reported on Thursday.The new two-step security authentication requires Apple users to enter a second passcode to access iMessage and FaceTime accounts.

The tech giant had already enabled this security feature for iTunes and iCloud accounts in March 2013, the newspaper reported.

According to The Guardian, this new authentication feature has now expanded to iMessage and FaceTime, enabling users to enter a second login, further preventing hackers against accessing personal information.

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When Apple users log out of their iMessage or FaceTime accounts and attempt to log back in or log in on another machine, this added “layer” of protection will require a second passcode to confirm username and password, the report said.

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Users can associate more than one phone number can to the new passcode account in the case of a lost or stolen phone, according toThe Guardian‘s report.

“It’s really great to see Apple extending its two-step authentication to cover more services, particularly person-to-person communication services such as these, which have been so widely abused in the past,” Rik Ferguson, vice president of security research at Trend Micro, told the newspaper.

Read the report from The Guardian here.

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