Nightly Business Report — February 12, 2015

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, Nasdaq 5000 is within reach, a level synonymous with the dot com bubble and bust. But the index is a lot different now than it was back then. And, why Costco decided to ditch American Express after 16 years of only being able to use that card at the retailer.

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  1. Lynn Carmichael says:

    Have been watching NBR since the 1980s, and, like so many loyal fans of the show, I balked at the big changes of the past few years. But that was needless worry. The show is better than ever — by far.
    Tyler Mathisen and Sue Herera are an ancoring dream duo, and the team of highly skilled and experienced journalists is top-notch and refreshingly diverse: they never fail to amaze and impress, supported by CNBC’s obvious breadth of research and technology. This long-time viewer did not realize how improved NBR could be.
    Tyler’s clever questions and quick, witty comments give NBR sparkle and depth of meaning that make the show so much more relevant and useful than it’s ever been.
    As for Sue Herera, what can you say about such an able, sharp, poised veteran business journalist? Lady, you are amazing! She makes most other business news anchors look unfocused, unprepared and downright dull. Where is Ms. Herera’s Gracie?
    A “bon weekend,” NBR!
    Canuckette in Silicon Valley

  2. Lynn Carmichael says:

    Whoops, slipped an ‘h’ … pardon the ‘ancoring’!

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