Own a Windows phone? Your music is 10 years behind

David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images Music apps displayed on a smartphone.

David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images
Music apps displayed on a smartphone.

The Grammys are over, and everybody will pretend that they like the newly anointed artists, but eventually people will go back to the same old music they usually listen to.

And some of it really is old.

According to exclusive data provided to CNBC by iHeartMedia, we now know what type of music people listen to—based on their phone. IHeartMedia has streaming music apps on a wide variety of devices—reaching over 60 million registered users—and hence can give unique detailed insights about the different listening habits of registered U.S. users on different devices.

Below are the top rankings—by device—for top custom artist, custom genre and live radio station. A few slots are highlighted for further discussion. The data below are based on all listening in the month of January on iHeartRadio apps.

Notice a few trends:

  1. The top 10 artists on iPhone and Android are identical. The 10 might be in different order, but it’s the same group of people. Notice their top genres and live station formats are all the same as well.
  2. Taylor Swift and Usher are the only artists who appear in the top 10 for all four devices.
  3. Windows phone users are the only people to include Adele and three favorites of an almost-gone music generation: Britney Spears, Eminem and Pink in their top 10. These are the people who are probably holding onto a world where Windows, and those artists, topped the charts. They haven’t kept up with the times.
  4. Blackberry users are also different. They include a heavy supply of Latin music as a top genre, feature Beyonce and Shakira—unlike other device types. And speaking of holding onto the past, Blackberry users are the only ones with ’80s and ’90s radio stations in their top five.
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