HP unveils 3-D printer, new ‘immersive’ computer

Source: HP | YouTube Image from video showing Sprout by HP

Source: HP | YouTube
Image from video showing Sprout by HP

Hewlett-Packard is finally getting into 3-D printing.

The company revealed a 3-D printer on Wednesday that it promises will be 10 times faster than any others on the market, as well as produce higher quality items.

“It’s not just a 3-D printer, it’s a tool to trigger the next Industrial Revolution,” said Dion Weisler, HP’s executive vice president of printing and personal systems.

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Weisler said the company did not want to get into 3-D printing until it could address the three big problems associated with the technology: Speed, cost and quality. But he said he feels like HP has tackled all of these issues with its new printing technology dubbed multi-jet fusion.

“What we are witnessing here really is the dawn of the new era,” Weisler said of the new printing technology.

The company also revealed a new computer called Sprout that is centered around “immersive computing,” Weiser said.

Sprout is a combination of a large touch-enabled flat-screen with an overhead projector that doubles as a 3-D scanner. The overhead device projects images down on a touch pad where the images can be manipulated with the user’s hands or a stylus.

The PC runs Microsoft Windows 8 operating system with HP software. It will be on display in Best Buy stores beginning this weekend and will go on sale Nov. 9.

“It is a platform we will build a future,” Weisler said. “We are now only limited by our imaginations.”

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