Musk teases mysterious unveiling

As far as teases go, this is pretty good.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent out an intriguing tweet Wednesday night.

The tweet included what looks like a promotional graphic of a garage door partially raised and the front end of a car showing.

tesla tweet

That image is right above the date October 9, 2014 clearly suggesting we’ll see what’s behind the door next week.

So what is the “D” and what else might Musk unveil?

There’s been plenty of speculation about when Tesla will unveil its Model 3, next generation car.

While the “D” could be Tesla’s Model 3, there’s a possibility Tesla will unveil an all-new model and perhaps an advancement in its battery technology.

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For Tesla fans, Musk’s tweet will spark renewed chatter that the company’s CEO still has plenty of surprises up his sleeve.

tweet muskl

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