Models vs buyers: Who makes the most at Fashion Week?

New York Fashion Week is famous for the glitz and glam that descends upon Manhattan two times a year.

But based on average annual salary information compiled by website Eventup, there’s a good chance that many of the faces behind the scenes at Lincoln Center would have a hard time paying for runway-worthy looks on their paycheck alone.

According to the company, which matches event planners with spaces, the average annual salaries for New York Fashion Week’s security guards, public relations liaisons, models and buyers all come in below $100,000.

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While the numbers may seem low—particularly for models—Eventup CEO Jayna Cooke said they are significantly higher than they would be in a small town in middle America. They’re also inflated by big-name editors or models (think Vogue editor Anna Wintour or the Gisele Bündchens of the world), and mask the fact that some models may earn only $150 to walk in a small show.

“A lot of them are willing to do the work just to say that ‘I walked at 2014 New York Fashion Week,'” Cooke said.

See the chart below for the average annual salaries of those powering the behemoth that is New York Fashion Week—an event that pulls in an estimated $850 million each year for the city.

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