Berkshire Hathaway crosses milestone

One class A share of Berkshire Hathaway became the first stock to cross the $200,000 barrier today. The next highest stock price is the transportation company, Seaboard, which goes for around $3,000. Today’s gains give Berkshire the fifth highest market cap of all publicly traded companies, bigger than Wells Fargo or Johnson & Johnson. And it means that one share could buy you a 6-bedroom, 4-bathroom home in Omaha, Nebraska, the company’s home base. Or, four years of tuition at an average private college. How about a ticket aboard Virgin Galactic’s commercial passenger ship when it finally takes off? Or trade that one share in for a brand new 2015 Bentley Continental GT, with just enough left over to fill up the gas tank. So why does one share cost so much? Buffett says he likes it that way, attracting long-term investors, not traders.

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