Susie’s cast color: and the winner is…

We asked you to help me pick the color of my new cast and the results are in…

Susie cast

Hot pink! That’s the color you voted for. And so today when I  got my new cast, I chose pink. My surgeon laughed when he heard about the NBR viewer poll, but even he approved of the final vote.

Thank you for all your support. I’ll be back at the anchor desk with Tyler on Monday–and with my new hot pink footwear!

See you then.

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  1. kenneth hanson says:

    Looks good on u Susie and looking fwd to seeing u again on the air.

  2. Dave Parker says:

    Welcome back to the show! Didn’t know why you were off so long. Now I find out that it was an involuntary “research opportunity”! Enjoyed the first of the “Aging in America” series. As a non-retired 68-year-old now in my dream job and contemplating getting my right knee ‘scoped (too many miles on all kinds of unfriendly surfaces) I look forward to your series on the health care/insurance industry conundrum.

  3. Tibor Toth says:

    Welcome back Susie I’m glad to see you are working again, now if I could only figure out whether to buy or sell..
    Your long time viewer from Toronto

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