Vote: What color should Susie’s cast be?

As many of you may know from reading Susie’s blog, she is on medical leave to recover from her recent surgery. Susie’s right foot was operated on to correct the alignment, arch and to repair her tendons. Because of the surgery, Susie has had to retire her collection of heels, but she still has a chance to make her foot look fashion forward. Since casts come in various colors, Susie needs your help to decide what color she should choose to accessorize her recovering foot. Vote in our poll and tell us which color you think would best fit Susie:

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  1. Dave says:

    Susie: glad you’re in great spirits from the tone of your blogs. Get well soon.

  2. Kay Gibson says:

    Susie, you are greatly missed. Best wishes.

  3. Steve Bergman. says:

    Miss you Suzie! Come back soon.

  4. Jim says:

    I’m grateful that CNBC is underwriting NBR for public television, but you, Susie, are the soul of NBR. I’ve been watching NBR for many years, including the era with Paul Kangas. The program isn’t the same without you. Hurry back?

  5. Daneille Estribi says:

    Get well soon Susie! We are praying for a complete and speedy recovery for your right foot! We will miss you while you are recovering!! Love, Javi & Daneille Estribi

  6. Bob Dice says:

    Praying for your healing and return to NBR

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