NBR’s Ultimate Stock Cup: Global Rivals: Google vs. Alibaba

As countries battle it out in the World Cup for the ultimate prize in soccer, we decided to launch a competition of our own. Over the next four weeks we’ll take a look at 16 companies that battle it out everyday in the business world. Our final match up is Google versus Alibaba. We want your take! Tell us your pick:


Born: 1998

International Headquarters: Mountain View, California

2013 Revenue: more than $59 billion

At its core Google is a search engine, its profits are embedded in those search-related ads. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin opposed ads at first hoping to keep their page uncluttered. It has since become cluttered with money, which allowed them to buy the companies that have given us the likes of YouTube, Google Earth, Google Maps and Android and that’s only a short list of Google’s gaggle.


Born: 1999

International Headquarters: Hangzhou, China

2013 Revenue: about $7.5 billion

One Alibaba service, Taobao, gives seven million smaller businesses a chance to sell direct to consumers. Sellers buy ad space, hoping to get noticed. Another service called t-mall is where companies like Nike, Gap and Apple pay Alibaba so they can sell online in China. Alibaba has also been expanding into mobile phones, mobile payment, banking and even TV and film production.

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