Who is more fun for July 4 road trip, mom or dad?

Hxdyl | iStock / 360 | Getty Images

Hxdyl | iStock / 360 | Getty Images

Planning to hit the road this 4th of July weekend? You won’t be alone.

Some 41 million Americans will be traveling over the holiday. Of that number, nearly 35 million will be in an automobile, according to the AAA.

But according to an online survey released this week, adult kids have a preference over which parent they’d rather travel with.

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And the winner is … mom by a clear majority.

Fifty-four percent of all adult kids polled said they’d rather road trip with mom than dad. That’s despite 63 percent of the kids saying dad was the better driver.

The survey, conducted for senior care provider Visiting Angels, broke down the categories of likes and dislikes with the percentage rate of choice.

There was no specific age range for the kids but both parents were 65 years or older.

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So, mom is better because she:

  • Is neater while dad lets the car get messy (64 percent)
  • Chooses better music while dad plays bad tunes (60 percent)
  • Wants to stop to sit down and eat (63 percent).

As to why kids don’t like dad, the reasons are that he’s likely to:

  • Pass gas (77 percent) (Ouch! That hurts, kids. Roll down the windows.)
  • Drive too fast (69 percent)
  • Nod off while driving (65 percent)
  • Take control of the radio (60 percent )
  • Be stubborn about the use of AC/heat in the car (53 percent).

Another reason older kids don’t like dad is he’s likely to have more road rage than mom and he’s more likely to:

  • Try to race other drivers (77 percent)
  • Get out of the car to confront other drivers (76 percent)
  • Curse at other drivers (75 percent)
  • Cut people off (73 percent)
  • Tailgate (71 percent)
  • Give drivers the middle finger (68 percent)
  • Honk (66 percent)
  • Slow down on purpose (64 percent).

But having mom at the wheel does have some drawbacks. Kids said that mom:

  • Is a worse “back seat driver” (57 percent)
  • Asks for directions (85 percent)
  • Talks too much (73 percent) and has “deep conversations” you can’t escape from (63 percent)
  • Takes too many potty breaks (71 percent)
  • Drives too slowly (67 percent).
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