NBR’s Ultimate Stock Cup: Global Rivals: General Motors vs. Toyota

As countries battle it out in the World Cup for the ultimate prize in soccer, we decided to launch a competition of our own. Over the next four weeks we’ll take a look at 16 companies that battle it out everyday in the business world. Our sixth match up is General Motors versus Toyota. We want your take! Tell us your pick:

General Motors

Born: 1908

International Headquarters:  Detroit

2013 Revenue: More than $155 billion

General Motors was the world leader in auto sales every year from 1931 through 2007. The list of past and present GM brands is a who’s who of American automobile history, icons like Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Pontiac, GMC and Chevrolet. It almost came to an end with a bankruptcy filing in 2009, but GM was bailed out by the federal government. Last year it sold more than 9.7 million automobiles, trailing Toyota, which sold more than 9.9 million. But GM outsells Toyota in both China and the U.S., the two largest markets.


Born: 1937

International Headquarters: Toyota City, Japan

2013 Revenue: More than $222 billion

Toyota is Japan’s biggest company by market cap. GM may outsell Toyota in the U.S., but Toyota’s flagship Camry sedan has been the best-selling passenger car in the states for 15 of the past 16 years.  Also notable, the Toyota Prius became the world’s first mass-produced hybrid in 1997. Its other brands include Scion and Lexus.

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