Amazon faces uphill battle in smartphones

Justin Solomon | CNBC Amazon Fire smartphone

Justin Solomon | CNBC
Amazon Fire smartphone

Jeff Bezos is giddy about’s first smartphone. He has some work to do to get consumers equally excited.

In a survey of almost 600 American adults conducted by SurveyMonkey, three-quarters of respondents said they wouldn’t consider switching from their current phone to the Amazon Fire. Thirty-four percent said it was because they loved their current phone, 29 percent cited the Fire’s exclusive deal with AT&T and 16 percent said the Fire is too expensive.

The e-commerce giant faces an uphill battle in a market dominated by Apple’s iPhone and Android devices from Samsung, LG Electronics and HTC. Bezos, jumping into the business more than seven years after Apple, introduced the highly anticipated phone on Wednesday, touting its 3-D functionality, unlimited storage and access to Amazon’s streaming music service.

Of the nine features listed in the survey, the 13-megapixel camera was the most appealing to 16 percent of respondents, with 15 percent favoring unlimited storage and a similar number attracted to the free year of the Amazon Prime service. Another 15 percent selected the “none of the above” option.

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Notable omissions from the Fire include photo-sharing app Instagram, video streaming from YouTube and texting service Snapchat. More than half of respondents said the absence of YouTube would be a problem, but fewer than 10 percent cared about Instagram or Snapchat, with more than one-third saying they wouldn’t miss any of them.

And while the Bezos event captured the attention of the tech world, it was little noticed elsewhere. Sixty percent of those polled said they were unaware of Amazon’s announcement. Of those who knew the phone was announced, 72 percent couldn’t remember the name.

SurveyMonkey sent the survey to a nationally representative sample of nearly 600 adults, age 18 to 60

By CNBC’s Ari Levy

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