These tech companies have the best pay and perks

Jeffrey Coolidge | Getty Images

Jeffrey Coolidge | Getty Images

Massages, acupuncture, free trips to Hawaii—these are just a few of the employee perks offered by some of the top tech companies.

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In fact, technology companies are trumping the competition when it comes to pay and perks, according to a survey published Friday.

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Almost half of the companies listed in Glassdoor’s Top 25 Companies for Compensation and Benefits report are tech companies. Glassdoor ranked the firms on employee feedback during the past year.

At the top of the list? Google, of course. The company ranked No. 1 overall.

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It’s no wonder either, Google offers employees perks like massages, free food and trips to places like Tahoe, Las Vegas and Hawaii, according to employee commentary provided by Glassdoor.

Facebook ranked as the second best company in compensation and pay against its tech peers and third overall. Employees at the Menlo Park, California-based company get all kinds of health-related perks, including access to an onsite chiropractor, acupuncture, gym and a doctor’s office.

The folks that work at SalesForce, which ranked sixth in tech and ninth overall, even get trips to Hawaii, according to employees cited in the report.

Surprisingly, one tech company that did not make the cut was Apple.

Check out the complete ranking of tech companies with the best compensation and benefits below as well as the overall list with companies from all industries.

Rank Company
1. #1
2. #3
3. #4
4. #5
5. #6
6. #9
Rank Company
7. #13
8. #14
9. #16
10. #18
11. #22
12. #25

Top 25 Companies for Compensation & Benefits 2014

Rank Company Comp & Benefits
1 Google 4.4
2 Costco Wholesale 4.4
3 Facebook 4.3
4 Adobe 4.2
5 Epic 4.2
6 Intuit 4.2
7 USAA 4.2
8 Chevron 4.1
9 Salesforce 4.1
10 Monsanto 4.1
11 Genentech 4.0
12 Kaiser Permanente 4.0
13 Qualcomm 4.0
14 Riverbed 4.0
15 Verizon 4.0
16 VMWare 4.0
17 T-Mobile 4.0
18 Microsoft 4.0
19 Amgen 4.0
20 Pfizer 4.0
21 Southern California Edison 4.0
22 Orbitz Worldwide 4.0
23 P&G 4.0
24 Union Pacific 3.9
25 Ebay Inc. 3.9
Source: Glassdoor

By CNBC’s Cadie Thompson. Follow her on Twitter @CadieThompson.

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