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Coca-Cola & Keurig Green Mountain 

Coca-Cola is taking a bigger swig of Keurig Green Mountain. Coke plans to up its stake in Keurig Green Mountain, the company that makes a single-serve coffee makers, to 16 percent from 10 percent. The move comes after the beverage giant signed a deal with Keurig in February. Shares of Coke rose a fraction to $41.11 and shares of Keurig surged 7.5 percent to $119.07.


Microsoft is coming out with a lower-cost version of its popular Xbox One video game console. Its going to retail for $399 dollars, $100 less than the regular device, however the cheaper console won’t have the motion and voice sensor feature called Kinect. It will also offer all Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners access apps like Netflix without having to pay and extra fee. Shares of Microsoft popped almost two percent $40.42.


Europe’s highest court ruled today that people have the right to be forgotten and they can ask Google to remove some information from internet search results, like articles links with personal information. The ruling means Google will assume the responsibility and cost removing that information. Shares of Google were up a fraction to $541.54.


Shares of Whirlpool tumbled after the government reported electronics and appliance stores saw sales decline last month. Also the stock was downgraded by Longbow research to “neutral” from “buy.” The firm cited slowing trends in the U.S. housing market and declining demand in Brazil. The stock was down almost three percent to $151.55.

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