Starbucks bows to complaints, brings back old items

What’s old is new again at Starbucks.

Bowing to customer requests, the coffee chain is bringing back some longtime items that it shelved after its $100 million acquisition of bake shop La Boulange, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

“We’ve got a few products that we are going to bring back from the old menu,” said Starbucks Chief Operating Officer Troy Alstead in an interview with Bloomberg. “Some customers missed a few things.”

As part of the revamped U.S. menu, customer favorites, including banana, pumpkin and iced-lemon loaf cake, will return. They had been phased out in many stores along with other items as part of Starbucks’ transition to La Boulange-made products.

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The move comes as the breakfast space, where Starbucks maintains a large market share, has become increasingly competitive after Taco Bell’s nationwide breakfast menu expansion. In response, McDonald’s will be offering customers free coffee for a limited time and is also testing pastries at some locations.

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