The best and worst tippers in America

Wondering where the best tippers are?

Look no further than the Alaskan wilderness, where the average tip is 17 percent, according to an analysis of millions of Square transactions by Quartz. (Read the full report here on Quartz.)

Arkansas followed closely at 16.9 percent and North Carolina at 16.7 percent when the transactions ended in a tip.

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Delaware tippers were the stingiest, leaving at average of 14 percent, following by Hawaii at 15.1 percent and South Dakota at 15.3 percent.

The data analyzed by QZ covered a wide swath of industries—from taxis to cafes to restaurants.

Perhaps, most interesting was the state-by-state breakdown of people who felt compelled to tip at all.

Only 37.9 percent of those in Delaware tipped. Buyers in Illinois were the most generous. They tipped 61.1 percent of the time.

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