Baseball players to make $3.5 billion this year

Baseball been very, very good to a lot of people.

The 30 teams in Major League Baseball will collectively pay their players some $3.45 billion this year, according to data tabulated by The Associated Press.

(WatchDodgers CEO on revenue sharing)

The Los Angeles Dodgers top the list, supplanting the long-time top spender, the New York Yankees. At bottom are the Houston Astros, who will pay less than one-fifth of the Dodgers. (Though at $44 million, they still have a larger payroll than some smaller leagues pay all their players combined).

By way of perspective, at an average of $4.6 million, the average player would make more than 100 times the average American wage earner, based on Social Security Administration data.

(The league average figure assumes 25 players times 30 teams, and does not factor in players not on active rosters but still being paid).

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