Finally, a wearable device that’s fashionable

Source: Cuff

Source: Cuff

Wearables may be all the rage these days, but the truth is most aren’t attractive. Most need their space for battery power, so many of them turn out clunky and, well, ugly.

But the company Cuff, which launched a little over a week ago, is working to make wearables that look like jewelry.

“Our first goal was to make something different aesthetically, and give people stylistic choices in how they wear tech in their lives,” said Deepa Sood, founder and CEO of Cuff, in an interview with CNBC at South by Southwest Interactive.

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Cuff products certainly look a lot like jewelry. The bracelets, or cuffs, all have a space hidden in the interior where a Bluetooth sensor called “CuffLinc” fits. The CuffLinc is interchangeable in all of Cuff’s products, which right now includes bracelets and necklaces.

While Cuff’s products are more stylish, they aren’t quite as “smart” as some other wearables on the market right now. At least not yet.

What does it actually do? So far, it’s mostly a communication tool. When a person taps the bracelet, an alert goes out to a select group of people that the user chooses to be in their “Cuff Network.”

People in the user’s circle will be notified either by their own cuff vibrating or, if they aren’t wearing their cuff, they will also be notified via their smartphone. The user’s location is also sent as part of the alert system. This could be used to alert people in case of an emergency, or to page someone who isn’t answering their phone, Sood said.

Unlike many wearables available, Cuff doesn’t yet support tracking a person’s activity, but will eventually, Sood said.

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Sood said she sees big opportunity in the wearable market, but is focusing on making products that fit into people’s lives.

“I wanted to create something people actually want to wear,” Sood said. “Technology that looks good and people can feel good about wearing.”

By CNBC’s Cadie Thompson. Follow her on Twitter @CadieThompson.

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