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  1. Scott J Stauber says:

    What are your thoughts on PAL? I seem to constantly be reading contradicting opinions on this company.

  2. Erick Chiman says:

    I have some stake in TXT Textron. The word on the street is that it might be broken up ,which could give Textron a 46 dollar a share should I continue to buy more. The stock is trading in the high 20.

    Austin, Texas.

  3. Alex Espinal says:

    I own some shares of ERBB, I know it’ trades on the OTC what is your opinion on marijuana stocks? Should im keep or sell?

  4. Walter, Austin, TX says:

    Do you think Windstream (WIN) is a suitable investment for income investors? Is the dividend secure? Thanks.

  5. Joanie,Taos,NewMexico says:

    I own shares in PSEC which gives a very generous monthly dividend. Can we see better growth in this company, and are there companies out there that offer growth, as well as, chunky dividends, if so…please name a few. I enjoy watching NBR with a glass of wine. My compliments to Suzie and Tyler, they ask the right questions. Many Thanks

  6. Frank Mc Gowan says:

    I own shares of Intel(INTC),Unilever(UL) and Legget & Pratt(LEG). Are these good choices for a long term income investor?

  7. Deanna says:

    What are your thoughts on PCLN? Any chance for a reversal of their previous stock split?

  8. Dennis Reilly says:

    What is your short and long-term outlook for TMO.

    Dennis in SC

  9. Ken Wynder says:

    Ken of Baltimore , Maryland
    OSIR should I buy for the long term ?

  10. Berni says:

    I am interested in Zogenix, “ZGNX”, currently in a Holding Pattern. would it be wise to acquire more shares?

  11. James Brown says:

    I sold my shares of TravelCenters of America at $11.50. Its around $ 7.50 is it a good time to buy

  12. Robert says:

    Tesla has been supercharged this year–is it time for the individual investor to tune in or drop out? (long term and short term).

    Piedmont, Ca

  13. Yea or nay on Western Union (WU) as a long term dividend and value play?

  14. Curt Fredrikson, Renton, Washington says:

    I’ve owned Microsoft stock for over a decade and, as it has pretty much flatlined during that period, I wonder why so many analysts recommend it. To paraphrase a Paul Kangas comment about another stock, “Ah, Microsoft. The stock that everybody loves and nobody buys.”

  15. Pinakin, Houston TX says:

    What is the outlook for deep sea drilling rig companies over the next few years. Specifically can you comment on DO.

  16. Jerry Gilman says:

    Jerry G from DeLand Fl.
    I own BMY should I hold, add or, sell.

  17. Ben says:

    We own shares in PCN. Why the recent decline in value? Is there any hope for improvement?

    Ben, Red Bluff, CA

  18. dinesh from CA says:

    hat has happened to BIDU just jumped over 30% in the last month do you think its a good buy and why

  19. Kevin Tomball, Texas says:

    What is your opinion of MIC ? ( Macquarie ) Thanks !

  20. Paul Petrick says:

    Paul, Byrdstown TN
    Infrastrurcture spending must increase at some Point. How is FLR in the catagory. Also who is better position to profit from the need to convert US refineries to lite crude processing

  21. Eric Resweber says:

    Eric, Zachary, LA
    What is your view of Intuitive Surgical ISRG? Will it continue to grow, only at a much slower rate? Would this be a good entry point now that the stock price has come down?

  22. Leo Pizzoferrato says:

    can anyone comment on the Masonite Corporation, I understand they are currently the worlds largest privately owned door manufacture ready to go public

  23. Paul Jettl says:

    Is Twitter a publically held company?

  24. Shane - Austin, TX says:

    Curious to know your thoughts on ADT Security Services. The company separated from TYCO & went public on Oct 1st of 2012, as I am sure you are aware. I was curious to know what your thoughts of it’s 1st year are and what you think the future holds for them???

  25. Dale says:

    For the past year or so, Intel stock has gone down. What does the future hold for this company and this stock.

  26. Dan says:

    10 weeks ago purchased 2000 shares of Mainstay High Yield Bond fund . Since than the fund has dropped 10 percent, could you give me an explaination for this and whats it future outlook for this conservative fund Thanx


    Muskegon, MI

  27. Ron from Allentown, Pennsylvania says:

    Would you buy, sell or hold DGI (Digital Globe) and explain why you would do so.

  28. Leonard Summers says:

    Leonard, Bloomfield Hills Mi.
    What is the outlook for JNJ for the remainder of the year.

  29. Nate says:

    Hillenbrand, Inc. (HI) is set to ring the closing bell at the NYSE on Friday, August 23, 2013, where do see this company going in the future.

  30. Does CREE still has light to go up?
    Jorge from
    Denver, CO

  31. singh says:

    singh from nc
    What are your thoughts on PHM ? I seem to constantly be reading contradicting opinions on this company.

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