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What stocks are on your mind?

Let us know what investment advice you are looking for, and we may pose your question to our Market Monitor guest this Friday, August 16.

Submit a comment below, and don’t forget to include your first name, city and state.

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  1. Shelley says:

    Hello, I recently had a great flight experience on JetBlue. Would you invest in JetBlue Airways?

  2. Ron Q says:

    Associated Press wrote in February that Illinois Tool Works ITW was considering the sale of its Industry Packaging Systems. Is this a good stock to buy sell or hold.

  3. Ray Hudelson says:

    Would like to know your opinion regarding LNG.

  4. Betty Clark says:

    Am interested in your views on the book Aftershock by Dr. David Wiedemer and coauthors about coming effects of massive money printing by fed and bursting of six co-dependent bubbles (housing, stock market, private debt bubble, consumer discretionary spending, dollar and federal debt).
    Betty Key Largo, Florida

  5. Smart Trust Tax Free Income Series12 has dropped 25% in 2 months–should I
    continue to hold or sell? I know this is made of municipal bonds, and they have been
    very vulnerable. Thank You!
    Cecile Joliet,IL

  6. AUSTIN says:


  7. Steve says:

    Transalta Corp. (TAC): What is your evaluation of Transalta, Canada’s largest non-regulated wholesale electricity generator? Current dividend is $1.16 annually (about 8.5%) vs. estimated 2013 earnings of $0.70. Estimated 2013 cash flow per share of $2.50 covers the current dividend, but can this continue while earnings “catch up”?

    Steve, Jacksonville, Florida

  8. William Jaffe says:

    I would like to know more about a stock that I recently bought and the CEO of the company was on with Jim Kramer a few weeks ago, The company is epizyme (EPZM). It is a new stock that went public on May31st…….Thank You…..William fro Deerfield Beach,Florida

  9. Dan S. says:

    What are your thoughts on Starbucks (SBUX)? The stock is trading near an all time high. Also, do you believe they will prevail in the lawsuit with Kraft?
    Dan S.
    Northridge, CA

  10. Michael Goldberg says:

    I would like thenMarket Monitor to discuss Salesforce. com. (CRM).

    Berkeley, CA.

  11. Peter Ripley says:

    I’d like to hear EQM (ETQ Midstream Partners) Discussed by your Market Monitor guess this Friday. Thank you.

    Sebastopol, CA

  12. Bruce Book says:

    What is your current opinion of Alcatel-Lucent (ALU), the company and the share price, and your 6-12 month forecast for shares?

    From: Alford, Las Vegas, NV.

  13. rose stieha says:

    Would like the market monitor to discuss Linn Energy.My name is Rose,Carson City,Nv

  14. Natural gas is America’s new ace in the hole. It is dramatically cheaper per gasoline gallon complement of energy power capacity. Liquid petroleum gets progressively more expensive to extract and the global demand for oil continues to increase, putting upward pressures on its pricing. Natural gas is dramatically lower in atmospheric CO2 deposition per unit of energy power release, a process that will ultimately reduce the costs that will be incurred in the adjustment and unknown risks to climate change. Local pollution from the concentrated presence of idling and slow moving long haul diesel trucks and dock-every-night trucks cost the health care system lots of money from from treating respiratory ailments. For many uses of diesel engines, natural gas seems like a no-brainer.

    Three stocks raise my interest in the seemingly inevitable growth of mobility power plants: Westport (WPRT) Innovations, Cummins (CMI) for NG engine technology development and manufacturing, and for the new infrastructure of providing CNG (compressed natural gas) and in some cases LNG, Clean Energy (CLNE).

    I’d like to see a review of these and perhaps other similar stocks on Friday.

    If you accept these suggestions, please let me know, so I can be sure to tune in.

  15. Peg Davis says:

    Peg, Houston TX. About NOV. Do you think it is undervalued? The P/E looks low to me. Thank you.

  16. John Fico says:

    Hello: Please discuss Polaris Industries (PII). The company has performed well and has just rolled out the new Indian motorcycles, a revival of the iconic brand.

  17. Rick Davis says:

    SBGI Sinclair Broadcast – it was doing so well but now it’s falling [$31 down to $24] even though I have seen price targets of $39. What’s up with SBGI? Thank you, Rick Davis – Novato, CA

  18. Bruce LeMond says:

    I have American Electric Power stock. I would be interested in your comments. – Bruce LeMond, Indianapolis, Indiana

  19. Suzanne McFerren says:

    FTR: at S&P FTR has a 4-star rating, a BUY rating, a Strength Ratio of 84/100 and a Risk Assessment of MEDIUM = all good. But it has a Quality Rating of B minus. The stock price is almost half of what it was 2 years ago and the company has cut the dividend in half. I’m confused. Help!! I own over 2,000 shares. Sell??? When????
    Suzanne in Palm Desert, CA

  20. Maria says:

    Please discuss Future Fuel ticker FF

  21. Joe Conen says:

    Joe, from Ann Arbor, Michigan:
    Solazyme, szym, is developing technology to use algae to produce high value oils. It seems like they have a good lead in this area and may be able to produce these oils for lower cost than current sources. Is this a company to hold for the long run?

  22. robert , point pleasant, new jersey says:

    would like to know your outlook on PPG, buy, sell, hold,
    thank you, robert

  23. Grant says:


    Can you please give your opinion for Zale Corp (ZLC) now that the chairman is the ex CEO of Signet. Do you think ZLC can regain its pre recession highs like other jewelry stocks have?



  24. J. C. Patel says:

    I have been thinking about a major buy of MUR (Murphy Oil) which is splitting in two companies, i.e Exploration/Production (MUR) and MUSA down stream marketing.
    Any comments about long term history of such splits.

  25. Dan Korinek says:

    I would like to know what’s going on with NLY. It’s down 4 points since the interest rates started to go up last May. Dan in Westchester, Illinois

  26. Ken Morley says:

    hello Susie and Tyler,
    I’m curious about Neulion (NEUL). Could this company be in the vanguard of a tectonic shift in media distribution? Could it become in the sports space what Netflix looks to be in general entertainment? Combine this with Chromecast, and streaming suddenly looks even more threatening to existing media platforms. What do you think?
    Thank you,
    West Lebanon, NH

  27. Tim Malone says:

    General Electric (GE) seems to be streamlining their operations. Do you feel these changes will strengthen the company and what do you see happening to the stock price in the near to mod term? Thanks!
    Tim – Waldport, OR

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