Nightly Business Report — August 8, 2013

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, an influential highway safety group put small cars to the test. The results are prompting new concerns for automakers and drivers.
And instead of buying American, some are calling on Americans to buy imports as a way to boost the economy. NBR will meet a small business owner who’s taking that approach and growing his business as part of our special series ‘Made in America’.

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  1. JGreen says:

    I find the argument for imported fish abit shallow.
    Do I want my fish from China when Chinese parents are concerned about contamination of baby formula? Don’t think so.

    Many of these fish, shellfish come from places with little accountability about social and environmental standards (antibiotics and shrimp, and much much more)

    It’s more about profit maximization and the lose of jobs for American fishermen.
    I hope we require labeling of fish country of source at the grocery market.

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