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What stocks are on your mind?

Let us know what investment advice you are looking for, and we may pose your question to our Market Monitor guest this Friday, August 9.

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  1. kevin lam says:

    what do think Target corp in the next couple years ?

  2. jiangzuo says:

    Is NSRGY still a long term holding?

  3. Tom Schuler says:

    Have been reading a lot on ALSK. What does the Market Monitor think of the stock.
    Would the Monitor consider it a Buy, Sell or Hold.

  4. Peter, Ann Arbor, MI says:

    Does Neogen Corp (NEOG), a world class company for food and animal safety test products ranging from behind the farm gate to the table top have good potential for growth in the next few years?

  5. Allan says:

    I am a happy long-time holder of IBM, primarily because of its continuously growing patent portfolio. What is your outlook for this blue-chip stock? Thank-you.

    Calgary, Alberta

  6. Danny Hunter says:


  7. We are small investors with mostly dividend stocks but Bought Berkshire Hathaway-B when we heard about it and add little bits as we get some money. What does the Monitor think of it and its future as an investment for older, small investors like us. Mary Lou from San Diego

  8. Bob says:

    What are your insights on the status of the Silicon Valley company, Equinix? (EQIX)
    Several weeks ago, the stock dipped because of the SEC review of its submission for status as a REIT. Since that time, they have hit their quarterly target, and the analysts have all predicted the stock to reach 230 to 250. They are struggling to hold 180 right now. When is this going to move?
    Bob from San Francisco, California

  9. Danny Hunter says:

    Danny Hunter from San Luis obispo Ca


  10. Stephen says:

    What is your comment on 3D system and Xone company? Which one is better?

  11. Wes Linn says:

    Wes Linn, Raleigh, NC asks for your opinion on Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. after just reporting very good 2d qtr. earnings

  12. Paul Gultom, Medford, MA says:

    Do you think Income Realty (O) is a good stock to hold for a long term? Should I buy a REIT ETF such as VNQ or should I just own either one? Thank you.

  13. Brian says:

    With the recovery in the auto sector how are dealers like Lithia Motors (LAD) going to perform?
    Olympia Wa

  14. Hugo Cavalcanti says:

    JNJ … Austin, TX

  15. Would you stick with homebuilders’ stocks, such as PHM, in light of their recent headwinds?

  16. Dan says:

    How does Novo Nordisk stack up against their competition?

  17. Dan says:

    Great Falls, MT

  18. Bob says:

    How do rate Deere & Co as an investment (5 to 8 years) in a taxable account or IRA?

  19. Louis of Honolulu Hawaii says:

    Will balanced funds (balanced funds hold a lot of bonds) suffer significant drops in price if interest rates start going up?

  20. Francois says:

    Power Solutions International (PSIX). Is it a buy, sell or hold? The stock has skyrocketed over the past few months without much news to substantiate its rise.

  21. eric z says:

    what do you think of Cheniere Energy Partners LP (CQP)? I have shares of CQP, should I hold, sell or buy more?

  22. George Halo says:

    Do you think Starbucks will overextend their brand or are they doing the right things to increase revenue/stock prices for the long term?

  23. Nathan Jabo says:

    Many gurus tout home builders like D R. Horton. Yet this stock and others lost more than 25% the past 10 weeks. What gives?

  24. mark_~~ says:

    CSCO, is it poised to do what Home Depot has done/ In that I mean HD languished in the $20-40 for ten years or more and then suddenly this year took off to double. Could CSCO which has been in the $15-25 range for the last ten years be on the verge of doing the same kind of breakout?

  25. Donna Tiffany says:

    What do you think of American Movil (Amov)? Hold or sell?

  26. Dave: Poland, Ohio says:

    Dunkin Brands (DNKN) seems to have potential as a long term growth story as it expands its brand across the U.S. What are your thoughts of this dividend-growing company as an investment?

    Poland, Ohio

  27. Paul says:

    What is your opinion of GLAD (Gladstone Capital Corp) for dividend income?

  28. Reits have been down drastically since April. What do you anticipate for the
    immediate future? Especially WMC and AGNC which have high dividends.

  29. erik says:

    erik of Eugene Oregon

  30. Brian Ginn says:

    NOK – Brian Louisville KY

  31. John Switzer says:

    John from Oklahoma City. I am long on a Nat Gas utility company involved in gathering transporting storage and Natural gas provider. Oneok (OKE). there is so much gas being produced.Should I go long or look elsewhere for income? Thanks Tyler and Susie

  32. Ricardo, Evansville, Indiana says:

    In the green energy technology space, there is a company I would like your analysis, Hydrgenics (HYGS). Thanks

  33. Bob from Chicago says:

    We are small investors who lost almost 50% of our portfolio value when we, not so shrewdly, bought FB at $38 with dreams of profits in our heads. We have recently purchased Ford and were wondering what your thoughts were for the Long haul?

  34. Is KKR selling off their past successes e.g the tremendously profitable Canadian Drug Store chain SHOPPERS DRUG MART to Loblaws, the supermarket, whose reputation and profit outlook is diminishing, especially since the Bangladesh factories fires and building collapse. where LOBLAWS have verbally committed themselves to help the victims, but as yet have not followed it up with payments, as statements made publicly..

  35. jaxon27 says:

    should we continue to hold PPG

  36. d. k. kamer says:

    what is your opinion on omex stock is it time to buy

  37. Tom says:

    In which one 3D printing related company do you see the greatest potential in for investors?
    Bellbrook, Ohio

  38. David Stanley says:

    Do you ever make a distinction between the terms “investors” and “traders” when discussing who is involved in daily market activity?

  39. Paul Kane says:

    I want to buy Berkshire Hathaway stock, however cannot afford Class A shares. What is the difference between Class A and B and is there different returns and holdings? Paul from Indianapolis, IN.

  40. What are your thoughts on General Electric for the short and intermediate term? If able expand on the realities of reducing/eliminating the financial portion (GE Capital) of their business and the affect that would have on share price. P.S. Watch you every night – excellent show.

  41. Leela says:

    What is your comment about school book publishers. Will amazon grab such publishers in future. .? So , will amazon be a good buy if it comes around 250s..?

  42. kurt langman says:

    kurt massapequa pk ny
    would you hold freeport mc moran as a long tern investment ? it pays
    over a .04% divident

  43. Brad of Northport, NY says:

    With the planned changes to Freddie and Fannie Mae what is the prognosis for GNMA funds??

  44. Z.J.Pen says:

    Is Time Warner (TWX) buy, hold or sell at this point.

  45. Virginia says:

    BIZM (Biozoom) Bought 170 shares and now they seem worthless. Tried to investigate what’s now going on with them but not finding answers. Did I lose the investment or is there some way to get the money back. It shows zero $ on my total list of stocks but it still shows on stock lists as being active and trading

  46. Beverly says:

    What is your analysis of AGNC? It’s our only losing stock…should we dump it?
    Indianapolis, IN

  47. Dennis R. says:

    Olin Corp. symbol (OLIN) has exdividend on Weds., how do you like this investment for long term.

  48. Bill says:

    For the individual investor, is IRobot a good stock to own?

  49. Bob Bykowski Saline, Michigan says:

    What are the prospects for Level 3 Communications (LVLT)? What do see their future being since they signed an agreement to provide a North American satellite gateway for O3b Networks, a global satellite service provider building a next-generation satellite network for telecommunications operators, Internet service providers, and enterprise and government customers in emerging markets.

  50. Wolf says:

    I tend to be Foolish with dividend stocks. However, when a stock just seems to lag I trade it for what I hope is better, best performers are long term hold of 8 years. I have limited income, do I loose too much by trading 1/4 of my investments often?

  51. DEE says:

    what is your opinion of “radio shack”? Do you think it can be a turnaround or good takeover candidate due to the number of outlets?

  52. Faina (Ena) Bulanova says:

    What do you think of WMB…Hold, sell, or buy?

    Ena, Birch Bay, WA

  53. Linda Kestner says:

    What about SHLD — I’ll bet a lot of folks have inherited this stock, accumulated over fifty years by parents after Sears was the only department store in town. Now, is there any future growth possible for a real estate holding company?

  54. Dennis says:

    How about utility stocks like Hawaii Electric?

  55. Derek - Tucson, AZ says:

    ADSYQ, a cable advertising company, hasn’t had much activity lately. With the popularity of cable, why doesn’t a company such as this have more movement? Is it a buy, sell, or hold?

  56. William Arnett says:

    I’m a Tesla Roadster owner and I love the company and the new Model S. But can TSLA really be worth $150/share???

    Bill from Emerald Hills CA

  57. Amy from Santa Cruz, CA says:

    BIDU – It’s had a nice run-up, can it keep going? If you owned Baidu now would you keep it? What’s your outlook on this investment?

  58. John of Upland, CA says:

    How would you compare Union Pacific Railroad with the Warren Buffet “Railroad” (BNSF)?

  59. Phyllis in Rhinebeck, NY says:

    Would you invest in Honda Motors in light of the following: the Accord has received excellent ratings from Consumer Reports, the average age of autos on American roads is over 11 years, Honda has set up assembly plants in the U.S., and the yen is losing value? Are Honda ADRs a good investment?

  60. Donna Norton says:

    I’d like to know the current and future prospects for INTEL
    Donna of Arkadelphia, Arkansas

  61. What will happen to my (BRK.B) share price, after Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, both are gone? :-(
    Clyde from Kahului, Hawaii

  62. Clyde, Kahului, Hawaii says:

    What will happen to my (BRK.B) share price, after Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, are both gone? :-(

  63. Cliff says:


    I have held AMX and AMOV for many years and have reinvested all my divids and I am up 1234%. What do you think are the future prospects for this Mexican telephone gaint?

  64. Berni says:

    Would Halliburton be a good investment at this time.

  65. Tony says:

    F. The stock is doing well recently because of the return of car buyer in US and the new comers from China. I am worry about the high debt it has on its book tough it is from a ‘friendly’ holder. So what is the long term (3-5 years) prospect of this stock.

    Tony from Philadelphia

  66. Maria from NYC says:

    Could you please comment the outlook for CSCO in the next 12 months?

  67. SAM says:

    HI GUYS, SAM HERE FROM WISCONSIN WHAT DO YOU THINK OF OMC (Omnicom Group Inc). SHOULD I GET OUT NOW?????????????????????????????

  68. Katrina says:

    I currently own 100 shares of Whole Foods. The stock has split for me twice in the past 8 years and I am thinking about buying more shares. Would you encourage me to do so? Thanks.

    Katrina from Southport, NC

  69. Tom Sklarsky says:

    With the possibility of a credit crisis and deep bear market occurring in the United States in the near future, what are the safest investments for retirees if stocks, government and municipal bonds, and foreign markets may all be at risk? Are utilities, such as electricity and communications the safest places to be? —Tom, Sacramento, CA.

  70. John says:

    Any comments about Universal Display (Symbol: OLED). After today’s announcement conference call that they beat estimates by $.07 does the future look brighter?

  71. Angelo D'Errico says:

    Given Molycorp’s latest results what is your outlook for MCP and the rare earths
    industry in general ? thanks…Angelo from Montreal

  72. Eric says:

    What do you think about Outerwall? I bought on the recent dip following the earnings report.

  73. TRGFX is about “Global Infrastructure”. I’d love to know what your thoughts are concerning this stock. ‘ Many thanks’ for years of terrific reportage.

  74. Art Schultz says:

    What do you Think of 3M Corp. as a long term investment at today’s price ($118 a share)?

  75. Peter Reque says:

    pete from San Francisco California. What is your opinion of Bank of America (BAC)? Buy, hold or sell? Will the lawsuits ever end?

  76. What are the future prospects of SWHC?

  77. PETER ZUNA says:


  78. Frank says:

    Given its relative importance in global oil reserves, what future do you see for Petrobras (PBR) Frank, from Brevard, NC

  79. Hallan says:

    Please comment on the cyclical base metals like copper and miners FCX and SCCO.

  80. Barbara says:

    Is Stryker (SYK) worth the trouble of purchasing? I’m thinking good future if/as more people have health insurance that pays for joint replacements. “Trouble” because they don’t offer Direct Stock Purchase and I don’t have (or want) a brokerage account.

  81. Ben says:

    What is your take on IBM?

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