Nightly Business Report — July 31, 2013

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, the central bank keeps its big stimulus program in place. Now investors will hang on every word spoken by every member of the central bank. But is there a risk to too much transparency?
And, NBR will begin a special series ‘how to navigate long-term care’ with a look at when’s the right time to buy insurance.

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  1. Arnold Graef says:

    Hi I liked your segment on Long Term Care, it coincides with PBS’s Frontline on Long Term Care. I have looked into this also. My mom is on Medicaid now. She started on Private pay and had to go through the Spend Down period that reduces your financial status to what the individual States have mandated it as, here it is 2,000 dollars. From that time on one is one and then qualifies for Medicaid.

    The long term care, as I have had it explained to me, does not include or is not included with an Unassisted/Independent living or an Assisted Living Care which usually lasts longer. Long Term, from what I understand, is only good for 3-5 years, if you live longer than that you revert to private pay, or your own money. So if one is on long term care it is only good as long as you do not out live the the tern of the policy 3-5 years. One would need to be in the care of a full Nursing home and have to use the services that a Nursing environment would entail.

    This is a very complicated, expensive and contentious issue and most articles I have seen do not fit all the issues in properly.

  2. Mike says:

    Tips at the end were great!

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